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Nosey Parkers

They observe and make inquiry. Natural behavior. They expect that etiquette demands responses and to pass must be accompanied by an explanation. So needy and nosey they are. Soliciting self pride, polluting with endless reminiscence—if nothing more then an organizational processing of their own thoughts, experiences and ideas—is nonetheless a predictable gauntlet to be run daily.

Here comes one now. I count the timer in my head as I wait. Offered food. Nice. As I expected, ruthless to the core.

So maybe I reflected too harshly. There is no doubt that I maintain an aura of rejection. My shield is up and not coming down any other way than slowly. It’s impulsive at this point. The reason is clear to me. Truth. I mean, what if the gist of what you hear brings your ears to loathe their attachment to your person? Play is the response. To find a dance in the passage through the mire, to bloom a lotus and rise above. Invoking the persona is the key. Finding the kinesthetic relationship with yourself that creates the action. Play.

Of course I’m analyzing too much into everything. Instead of simply doing and really playing. Be frivolous with who you are!

Tis all play. Performance. Become wrapped in it all. Flow. Enjoy. With ease comes a freeing of the mind.

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